The Essays of Warren Buffett

    "Larry Cunningham has done a great job collating our philosophy. First class."
    --Warren Buffett

    "Very practical."
    --Charlie Munger

    "Larry Cunningham took Warren's letters to a still higher level beginning with
    an excellent introduction written by Larry."

    --Carol Loomis

    "One of the top investment books of all time."
    --Motley Fool

    "One of the best business books ever."
    --USA Today

    "One of the smartest books we know."



Cunningham Discusses The Essays at the BRK 2013 Annual Meeting

  • Son in Law Test
  • The Truck
  • The Chief Risk Officer
  • Acquisition Targets
  • Buffett's Greatest Accomplishment
  • Since 1995 when Cunningham first created a draft of what became The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America, the thematically arranged collection of Warren Buffett's famous letters to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders promised to garner wide influence.

    In the two decades since its first appearance--through several updated editions--Cunningham has self-published the book and marketed it in dozens of languages and scores of countries with an audience numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

    A tour de force, Cunningham's introduction alone has been widely praised as the best encapsulation of the business and investing philosophy that Buffett built a career establishing and that legions of kindred investors and managers have embraced. The careful and expert selection and rearrangement of the material created a masterpiece of business and investment knowledge.

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