Lawrence Cunningham, Speaker
    "Brilliant delivery. Cunningham covered all of the book's topics using solely Q&A format. An engaging and impressive performance."
    --Elliot Trexler, Founder, GLOBAL RETURN Asset Management & Vice-Chair, Value Investing Committee, New York Society of Security Analysts

    "A very animated and likeable speaker, Cunningham keeps every member of the audience engaged with a well-honed presentation."
    --Bruce Kelley, CEO, EMC Insurance Co. & President, Rotary Club International (Des Moines)

    "Engaging, entertaining, and informative. Cunningham has all the rich research content of an author and law professor combined with the dynamic presentation style of a professional motivational speaker."
    --Robert P. Miles, Director, Value Investor Conference and Charlie Munger Summit

Interested in having Cunningham speak at your firm, event or school? Contact Lillian White, Executive Assistant to Professor Cunningham,

Bio Sketch

For two decades, Lawrence Cunningham has been the editor and publisher of The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America, the authorized and thematically arranged abridgement of Buffett's shareholder letters. Cunningham self-publishes the book and made it into an international best-seller, now available in a dozen languages and achieving what the book trade calls "long-seller" status.

A popular professor of business law at George Washington University, Cunningham's dozen other books include How To Think Like Benjamin Graham and Invest Like Warren Buffett and The AIG Story, co-authored by AIG's long-time leader, Hank Greenberg. As a business author, deal lawyer, and consultant on corporate governance and culture, his writings appear in a variety of publications--the New York Times, the Financial Times, Directors & Boards, Columbia Law Review.

Cunningham was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, graduated high school from Girard College in Philadelphia, earned an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Delaware, and law degree from Yeshiva University's Cardozo Law School in New York. He is a former deal lawyer at New York's Cravath, Swaine & Moore.

At GW, he teaches business law to promote deal-making and transaction design that keeps everyone out of court--the last place he believes any business person should be. In addition to lecturing, Cunningham loves teaching, writing, reading, running, biking, swimming, and spending time with his wife and two daughters, especially at the beach. He divides the rest of his time between New York City and Washington D.C.

Recent Tour Schedule

Cunningham during 2014-15 offered a year-long series of author events featuring his latest book, Berkshire Beyond Buffett; another tour is being planned for the fall and winter of 2015-16 (reach out if you'd like your town to be included).

City Date Venue Co-Presenters / Program Note
Omaha 5/1/14 U. Nebraska Value Investor Conference
Newark 9/23/14 U. Delaware Chaplin Tyler Leadership Lecture, Alumni Series
Palo Alto 10/17/14 Google Author @ Google Series (YouTube)
New York 10/28/14 Yeshiva U., Cardozo Law Sandy Gottesman (Berkshire director & investor)
Bruce Whitman (CEO, FlightSafety)
Minneapolis 10/29/14 U. Minnesota John Mooty (former CEO, Dairy Queen)
John Stavig (U. Minn.)
Knoxville 11/3/14 U. Tennessee Jim Clayton (former CEO, Clayton Homes)
Washington 11/4/14 GWU, Jack Morton Auditorium Don Graham (former CEO, Washington Post)
S. J. Trachtenberg (President Emeritus, GWU)
Des Moines 11/6/14 Drake U., Sheslow Auditorium Financial Executives International Lecture
Des Moines 11/6/14 Rotary Club Luncheon Series
Des Moines 11/7/14 CPCU Society Insurance Day Breakfast Lecture
New York 11/11/14 Fordham U., Flom Auditorium Gabelli Center Lecture
New York 11/17/14 Society of Securities Analysts Co-sponsor: Museum of American Finance
New York 11/25/14 Harvard Club Author Series
Palo Alto 12/8/14 Stanford U. Susan Decker (Berkshire director)
Brad Kintsler (CEO, See's Candies)
Tom Russo (Berkshire investor)
Louisville 12/11/14 CFA Society Luncheon Series
New York 2/4/15 Columbia U. Ajit Jain (CEO, Berkshire Re)
Bruce Greenwald (Columbia U.)
Chris Davis (Berkshire investor)
Tom Russo (Berkshire investor)
Richmond 2/5/15 U. Richmond, Ukrop Auditorium Tom Gayner (Markel Corp., Berkshire investor)
Chicago 2/11/15 Northwestern U. Frank Ptak (CEO, Marmon Group)
St. Louis 2/25/15 Wash. U. Tom Manenti (CEO, MiTek)
Radha Gopalan (Wash. U. Olin)
Hilary Sale (Wash U. Law & Olin)
Philadelphia 2/26/15 Union League Library Hour Series
New York 3/23/15 Princeton Club
/ Columbia Club
Bruce Greenwald (Columbia U., introducing)
Winston Salem 3/27/15 Wake Forest U. Conference Keynote
New York 4/8/15 Penn Club Author Series
Manchester 4/23/15 St. Anselm College,
NHIOP Auditorium
Ethics in Governance Forum
Omaha 4/30/15 U. Nebraska Value Investor Conference: Charlie Munger Summit
Omaha 5/1/15 Creighton U. Special Session plus Value Panel

Recent Tour Photos and Videos
Additional Testimonials

"Few know the inner workings of Berkshire as well as Cunningham. He engages in a lively discussion with the audience, brings great insight to the topics and shares wonderful stories about all of the important people close to Buffett. I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation."
Paul Johnson, Nicusa Investment Advisors and Adjunct Professor, Columbia Business School

"Cunningham's lecture was both educational and entertaining. Our students learned a lot about Berkshire Hathaway and its culture of shared values."
--James Russell Kelly, Director, Gabelli Center of Fordham University

"Cunningham offers rich insights, in a clear and compelling manner."
--Brian Tayan, Director, Corporate Governance Research Initiative, Stanford University Graduate School of Business